Paléorient 48.2 2022



In Memoriam
Stefan K. Kozlowski (1938-2022) par O. Aurenche et É. Coqueugniot

Y. Nishiaki, Early Neolithic Chronology and Lithic Industry of Tepe Abdul Hosein, Central Zagros, Iran

A. Gorzalczany, Adding to the Complexity of Documented Burial Customs in the Ghassulian Chalcolithic
Cemetery at Palmaḥim (North), Southern Levant

N. Getzov, D. Shalem, G. Haklay, I. Milevski, A. Eirikh-Rose and G. Leyfirer, Three Types of
Early Chalcolithic Prestige Stone Vessels from the southern Levant

E. Baudouin, A. Decaix, E. Brunacci, F. Guliyev and G. Palumbi, Domed or Flat? The case study of
Building 21 at Kiçik Tepe (Middle Kura Valley, Azerbaijan) and a Reconsideration of the Neolithic Roofing
Architecture in the South Caucasus

A. Al-Hussainy, K. Abu Jayyab, H. Hadi, A. Fliah and A. Ali, An Early Uruk Site in Al-Qadisiya Governate
(Iraq): Exploratory Site Survey at Jemdat Zabi

A. Tsuneki., N. Hironaga et S. Jammo (éd.) 2022 – The Neolithic Cemetery at Aïn el-Kerkh. Oxford : Archaeopress
(Al Shark 5 : University of Tsukuba Studies for West Asian Archaeology. Excavation Report of Tell el Kerkh,
Northwestern Syria 2), 422 p. Par B. Chamel et É. Coqueugniot

22 x 28 cm
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