Paléorient 49.1 2023


Dossier thématique/Thematic Issue
coordonné par/coordinated by A. Beshkani

                      The Palaeolithic of the Arabian Peninsula: State of Research
                     Le Paléolithique de la péninsule arabique : état de la recherche

A. Marks, Introduction. A Personal Trip into Arabian Prehistory: Past, Present And Future

O. Barzilai, M. Oron, E. Cohen-Sasson, G. Ragolski and Y. Avni, Handaxes and Cleavers on Flakes of
Silicified Limestone at Nahal Barak, Southern Negev and Possible Connections to the Arabian
Peninsula Acheulian

A. Beshkani, T. Beuzen-Waller, S. Kim, M. Jean and M. Sauvage, Tracing Palaeolithic Populations across
the Horn of Arabia: Northern Oman

K. Bretzke and K. Herkert, Jebel Faya and the Middle to Late Pleistocene Transition: Settlement Continuity
and Behavioural Flexibility

J. I. Rose, V. I. Usyk, Y. Hilbert, R. Garba, A. Beshkani, D. Chlachula, M. M. Jaboob and A. E. Marks,
Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Southern Oman from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Neolithic

S. Bonilauri, A. Beshkani, M. Pagli and E. Boëda, Production and Structural Tendency of Levallois Points
in the Late Middle Palaeolithic of the Near East Steppe Zones and Arabia

Y. H. Hilbert, M. López Correa, C. Mazzoli, R. Crassard, F. Negrino, M. Cremaschi, I. Clemente-Conte
and T. Uthmeier, From Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers: Contributions of Traceology to the Study of Prehistoric
Lithic Technology in Arabia

J. I. Rose, Conclusion. Progress Report on the State of Palaeolithic Research in Arabia

R. Alcàntara, A. Sierra, L. Gourichon, M. Saña, J. Alejandre, L. Teira, J. Vardi and F. Borrell,
Hunting at the Fringe of the Desert: Animal Exploitation at Nahal Efe (Northern Negev, Israel) during
the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B

M. Rousou, Vegetation History and the Exploitation and Use of Plant Resources in Aceramic Neolithic Cyprus:
An Assessment of Recent Archaeobotanical Research

L. Bender Jørgensen, A. Rast-Eicher and W. Wendrich, Earliest Evidence for Textile Technologies

A. P. Agelarakis, L. M. DiFrancesco, L. Delasos, J. Samodulski, A. Kanta and P. G. Agelarakis,
A Rare Case of Chondroblastoma from Neolithic Crete of the 7th Millennium BCE

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