Paléorient 49.2 2023


In Memoriam
Jean-Louis Huot (1939-2023) par H.-P. Francfort

Dossier thématique/Thematic Issue
coordonné par/coordinated by M. Birkenfeld, F. Borrell, C. Purschwitz, D. Rokitta-Krumnow

Être ou ne pas être : le Néolithique précéramique B du Levant du Sud
To Be or not to Be: The Early PPNB of the southern Levant

M. Birkenfeld, F. Borrell, C. Purschwitz, D. Rokitta-Krumnow, To Be or not to Be: An Introduction to the
Origins, Nature and Chronology of the EPPNB in the Southern Levant

J. Vardi, H. Parow-Souchon, Y. Nagar, I. Cipin, D. Rosenberg, L. Sapir-Hen, S. Galmor, H. Schehter, V. Caracua, Y. Paz, M. Shemer, The Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site of Aḥihud (western Galilee Israel). Preliminary observations

M. Shemer, L. Brailovsky-Rokser, M. Birkenfeld, The Early PPNB of Amqa (Western Galilee, Israel) from a
regional perspective

M. Birkenfeld, T. Abulafia, Nahal Zahal, an Early PPNB Site in the Northern Negev: A Preliminary Report on
the First Excavation Season

D. Štefanisko, Ch. Purschwitz, H. G. K. Gebel, ’Ainab 1 and the Eastward Expansion of Early PPNB

S. Fujii, Settlement Pattern and Periodization of the Jordanian Badia Early PPNB: a Fresh Approach to the
PPNA/PPNB Transition Issue in the Southern Levant

P. C. Edwards, Innovations at the Margins: The Transmission of Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (EPPNB) Culture
across the Levantine Interior

B. Finlayson, C. A. Makarewicz, S. J. Smith, Cultural Hybridity in Central and Southern Jordan at the End of
The Pre-Pottery Neolithic A

A. Gopher, Time to Go Beyond Chrono-Stratigraphy: the (EPPNB) Aswadian Culture of the Southern Levant

C. Baumer, M. Novak et S. Rutishauser (éd.) 2022 – Cultures in Contact. Central Asia as a Focus of
Trade, Cultural Exchange and Knowledge Transmission. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag (Schriften zur
vorderasiatischen Archäologie 19). 616 p. Par H.-P. Francfort 195-197

22 x 28 cm
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