Homo Sapiens with the Naked Eye

Who is Homo Sapiens? When did he appear? How did he live? What were his relations with his contemporaries, the Neandertal? Why is he the only species to have survived up till now, while others progressively died out? What do we really know about him?
In 10 chapters, which can be read separately or together, François Bon presents the archaeological evidence and replies to all these questions and many more: “To be, or not to be”, when was this famous expression first pronounced? How do you embody the spirit and its perception of the world in a way that it has its own existence? By plunging us into pre-historic times and then projecting us into the conscience of man in that period, the author replies to these questions, often with humour as well as an approach that could be said to be psychoanalytic. In this way, we have a better understanding of the Sapiens specificity in the family tree of hominoids.

  • François Bon

    François Bon is a professor of pre-history at the University of Toulouse. He has also directed the Centre for French Research in Jerusalem. He conducts research in Europe and in Africa on the first Homo Sapiens’ societies, and leads several archaeological digs in the South of France and in Ethiopia. He is also the author of numerous scientific works, including Prehistory, the Factory of Man (Seuil, 2009).

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