To inform is not to communicate

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Communication? An essential political issue of this century, when differences have never been so visible and violent. How to avoid that fear turns into hatred of the other? How to succeed in negotiating and living together? How to prefer words to blows?
Globalization, despite its infinite technical promises, has not reduced our difficulties in communicating. Lost in the interactive solitudes, each one seeks the other, alas, rarely at the appointment.
Negotiate. To cohabit. Everything to avoid the failure of communication and the risk of war. Europe is the paradoxical success of this. Never in agreement, but always together.
Communication, we dreamed it would be perfect, technical and immediate, it turns out to be fragile, political and human. Communication, in the end, is always the risk of the other.

  • Dominique Wolton

    Dominique Wolton is director of research at the CNRS. He has published some thirty books, translated into many languages, on the relationship between politics, communication, culture and globalization. He is also the founder (1988) and director of the international journal Hermès (CNRS Éditions).

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