Science communication today

Science communication today

International perspectives, issues and strategies

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The fourth Journées Hubert Curien, an international conference on science communication held every two years, took place in Nancy (France) from 2 to 7 September 2012. The theme of the conference was ‘Mediation of sciences: International perspectives, challenges and strategies’.

The fourth Journées Hubert Curien had four main objectives:
First, to remind us that universities and research centres are dynamic places engaged in the mediation of science, contrary to a misconception that sees them as isolated and introspective. Second, to promote and stir up public involvement. Science is today at the heart of culture: it transforms not only values, but also the organizational patterns of society. It is thus unavoidable that the public, concerned with the issues and debates brought about by the relationship between science and society, wants an active part in it.

Third, to rethink ways of interacting with the public and come up with new ones. The public demands a direct dialogue with researchers because of the ethical, political and economic issues raised by the impact of science on society – issues whose importance is now on par with the advancement of knowledge.

Fourth, to interact in a world where the rules of the game have changed. In the globosphere, everyone is at the same time on an equal footing and in opposition to everyone else. This book brings together the 17 main papers and presentations from the conference.

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