Women Astronomers

Who discovered an exceptional number of comets and asteroids? A woman. Who helped organize the stellar population? A woman. And the law allowing to survey the Universe? Again and again… a woman! However, when it comes to mentioning a « historical astronomer », we most often think of men: Galileo, Copernicus, or closer to us, Hubble. Certainly, over the centuries, women have not had much opportunity to enter the sciences in general and astronomy in particular. Is this a reason to believe in the total absence of their contributions?
Yaël Nazé retraces the career of a few important scientists who have one thing in common: their gender. The book follows the pattern of the great discoveries, each field giving rise to a description of the astronomical phenomena concerned and to a story in which we find the great female figures of astronomy.

  • Yaël Nazé

    Yaël Nazé is an astrophysicist specializing in massive stars. She has written several works of scientific vulgarization such as Voyager dans l’espace (CNRS Éditions, 2013).

  • ISBN: 9782271140289
  • Size: 11 x 18 cm
  • Pages: 264
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  • Publication date: 10/02/2022
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