Paléorient 37.2

Paléorient 37.2


In Memoriam

– J.-F. Jarrige:Gregory L. Possehl (1941-2011)




– Jarrige J.-F., Didier A. and Quivron G. : Shahr-i Sokhta and the chronology of the Indo-Iranian regions

– Borrell F., Boëda É., Molist M., Al-Shakel H. and Vicente O. : New Evidence concerning the Neolithisation Process of the Central Syrian Desert: The Neolithic Complex of Mamarrul Nasr

– Tillier A.-m., Arensburg B., Belfer-Cohen A. and Vandermeersch B. : Early Hominid Remains from Hayonim Cave (Israel) in the Context of the Late Middle and Upper Pleistocene record from the Near East

– Hauptmann A., Schmitt-Strecker S. and Begemann F.:
Bronze Age Kfar Monash, Palestine – A Chemical and Lead Isotope Study into the Provenance of its Copper

– Tallet P., Castel G. and Fluzin P.:
Metallurgical sites of South Sinai (Egypt) in the Pharaonic Era: New Discoveries

– Nishiaki Y. and Nagai K. : Obsidian Knappers at the Late PPNB “Consumer” Settlement of Tell Seker Al-Aheimar, Northeast Syria

– Ekshtain R., Barzilai O., Inbar M., Milevski I. and Ullman M.: Givat Rabi East, a New Middle Paleolithic Knapping Site in the Lower Galilee (Israel)

– Carter T., Le Bourdonnec F.-X., Kartal M., Poupeau G., Calligaro T. and Moretto P. : Marginal Perspectives: Sourcing Epi-Palaeolithic to Chalcolithic Obsidian from the Öküzini Cave (SW Turkey)

– Al Quntar S., Khalidi L. and Ur J.: Proto-Urbanism in the Late 5th Millennium BC: Survey and Excavations at Khirbat al-Fakhar (Hamoukar), Northeast Syria

– Vahdati A.A. : A Preliminary Report on a newly discovered Petroglyphic Complex near Jorbat, the Plain of Jajarm, Northeastern Iran

– Ashkenazy H., Belfer-Cohen A. and Rabinovich R.: Natufian Bone Artefacts from Nahal Oren, Mt. Carmel, Israel

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